Ron Wyatt: Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem

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Ron Wyatt claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem. According to him, it was taken by Jeremiah and hidden in a cave north of the city. The crucifixion of Christ took place above the hiding place of the ark. 

Before we dive into this fascinating story, let’s find out who Ron Wyatt was…

Who was Ron Wyatt?

Wyatt was a devout Seventh-day Adventist who worked as an anesthesia nurse at a hospital in Nashville. In 1960, he spotted a photograph in the magazine Life of a boat-shaped phenomenon near Mount Ararat in Turkey. This photo caused much discussion in fundamentalist and evangelical circles, where people began to wonder if these might be remains of Noah’s ark. Wyatt’s career as an amateur archaeologist began as a result of this discussion, as he wanted to prove the stories in the bible were true.

From 1977 until his death in 1999, Wyatt made more than a hundred visits to the Near East, and in addition to the ark, he developed an interest in more and more Biblical artifacts and places, which he then “recovered”.


Wyatt Archaeological Museum in Cornersville, TN
Wyatt Archaeological Museum in Cornersville, TN (source wikipedia)

He also started a museum with objects and displays concerning his discoveries with an associated sales organization for films, books, videos and so on. This provided a good income for Wyatt and also ensured that he could go to the Middle East again and again for “follow-up expeditions.

He died of colon cancer in 1999.

Following Wyatt’s death, there was a schism between the Wyatt Archaeological Research (WAR) organization, which he formed, and the autonomous ministries and interested people who had previously collaborated with WAR. WAR claims to be the exclusive owner of all of Wyatt’s images, newsletters, and other intellectual property.

Excavations north of Jerusalem

Wyatt says he conducted excavations north of Jerusalem. According to him, that was the location where Jesus was crucified. In doing so, he denies the popular view that the Byzantine Holy Sepulcher Church stands on the spot where Jesus was killed.

Wyatt thinks it’s more likely that Jesus was put to death on a major cross road. Crucifixion was a terrible punishment, and the Romans wanted as many people as possible to witness it. In this way, it served as a horrifying warning.

The site Wyatt had found met this requirement. It was located north of Jerusalem and was marked by ancient Roman residues. In the rock face, he found some niches in which messages could be left (as was a roman tradition according to Wyatt).


At a depth of ten meters, he found a cistern with steps leading down. The cistern was filled with potsherds dating from the time of Christ. Searching further, he came across bones. This confirmed his suspicion, that executions had taken place at this site, perhaps stoning, which was also a popular method of execution in those days.


Cross holes - evidence of the crucifixion?

Near the cistern he found a square stone. When he lifted it, he saw that it covered a hole of about 26 inches. This hole was probably used to insert a cross. 

A deep crack ran into the cross hole. Wyatt was convinced that the cross of Jesus had stood here. After all, in the gospel, there was talk of an earthquake. The crack was probably the result.


“And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split and the tombs broke open.”

Ron spent 2 years excavating here. Together with his two sons, he hoped to find the Ark of the Covenant. Then Ron got the idea to investigate the crack further. They made the hole bigger and discovered a larger room of about 15 square feet beneath it.

It was empty but led to several other passageways and cavities in the mountain. Ron tried to explore them all, but they ran out of money and were forced to return to America.

They returned in December of 1981, but his sons fell ill and returned to America. Ron stayed behind to continue his research. He was convinced that God Himself had led him to this place and that this was where he would find the Ark of the Covenant.

Lack of money and illness complicated the excavations, yet Ron persevered. He was helped by a local who was a lot smaller than him and could crawl through holes that Ron himself could not fit through.


Ron Wyatt - small tunnel

While digging, they discovered a small tunnel that led to a room. Making the tunnel wider, the helper went in to investigate. Pale and startled, he returned. He refused to go back and Ron was forced to make the hole so big that he could crawl through it himself. On January 6, 1982, he succeeded. 


(Citation from Ron Wyatt)


At first glance he only saw stones, but it soon became apparent that there was also wood and animal skins.

Suddenly he saw something glittering. For a moment he thought it was the ark, but it turned out to be something else. A table or altar, which Ron suspected was from the temple, with golden chandeliers on it.

He examined the cave further and above him, he discovered the crack, which he had seen before. There was a dark substance that had flowed down through the crack, falling on what must be the mercy seat of the ark.

When Ron realized what this was, he fainted.


Ron Wyatt claimed he found Jesus' blood

When he came to, he it was the same crack as the one from the cross hole, and that the substance was the blood of Jesus, which had entered this room through the crack. It had dripped on the mercy seat, as the ultimate sacrifice of the innocent lamb offered annually at the Feast of Atonement.

Ron had the blood analyzed. The result was astonishing. It was human blood, but it only counted 24 chromosomes.

Usually this is 46: 23 from the mother and 23 from the father. This had 23 chromosomes from the mother’s side and one Y chromosome that did not come from a human. Usually, a child with 23 chromosomes can’t live, but this must be an exception. Finally, they told him the blood was still alive! He had found the living blood of Christ!

He informed the Israeli authorities, but was told to keep it a secret. This did not stop Ron from returning several times.

Ron figured there had to be another entrance through which the ark had been brought in. He found a probable entrance, but it was blocked and Ron could not dig his way out.

Tha angels and the Ark of the Covenant

Ron Wyatt: ark of the covenant

By his fourth visit, the room was tidy. The furniture was in its proper place. Ron saw four angels, two on each side of the ark. They told Ron that they had been sent to guard it.

Ron was instructed to put his camera on a tripod and take pictures. They opened the lid of the Ark and helped Ron take out the ten commandments. Ron displayed them for the camera.

Then they said this was to be shown at a time appointed by God. “Once the law of men replaces the law of God, this must be shown. The law of men is the law of the beast, to which everyone must conform. But it contradicts the law of God.”

The following is his own account of the finding of the ark. It might be difficult to understand, because the quality of the audio is not very good.


Until his death in 1999, Ron urged everyone to obey the laws of God. He sealed off the site and the photo’s he made had failed. The laboratory where the blood tests were done is unknown.

In short, his story cannot be proven.

Whether you believe Ron’s story is entirely up to you. I thought it was special enough to write about it. Below, a narrative of his own story. 



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