Georgia Guidestones- were they really that dangerous?

Georgia Guidestones

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There were some wild stories out there about the Georgia Guidestones. There were rumblings that they were connected to the Bilderberg group, the Illuminati, or the New World Order. What was the meaning of the text written on the Guidestones? Was it a threat or a warning of what’s to come?

The Georgia Guidstones were never dangerous. It is a manual for a different world in case we ever destroy our beautiful earth and only a few people survive the destruction.

These stones were never a guide to eliminate the world’s population, they were just a call for reason to prevent us from destroying ourselves. 

Update june 2022: Georgia Guidestones demolished by explosion

On July 7, 2022, an explosion severely damaged the Georgia Guidestones.

On May 24, 2022, Republican Kadiss Taylor drew attention to what she saw as a “Satanic” monument. Destroying the monument was “Executive Order 10” of her election campaign. She believes Corona was invented by the New World Order and people are being sacrificed to Satan by getting vaccinations. In her opinion, the Georgia Guidestones were erected by the New World Order and should be demolished. 

If her Executive Order had anything to do with this explosion is unknown.

About two years before the destruction of the stones, I investigated their origin and purpose. This was before COVID and the worldwide fear of a sinister group that is trying to eliminate us. Even then, the Guidestones were controversial. 

Here is my story:

The Georgia Guidestones

Let’s consider for a moment that there is a group of people with the goal to eliminate most of the world’s population. Suppose this secretive group also sends messages to tell us all about their plans because they find sadistic pleasure in knowing there isn’t anything we can do about it. What would you do if you came across a message like that?

A mysterious group has done this in Georgia, USA. They erected a giant, towering monument with strange messages engraved within the granite. The messages are meant to be a manual for future leaders to use to control the Earth.

The first line? “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Could this be a call to exterminate humanity? Many people believe the monument reveals a sinister plan to eliminate the majority of the Earth’s population and that the remaining 500 million people would need to comply with all the rules on the Guidestones. If the guidance on the stone were followed, it would mean the death of more than seven billion people.

In the following blog, you can read all the information about Georgia Guidestones.

Who created the Georgia Guidestones?

In 1979, a mysterious man visited a granite factory in Elberton, Georgia. He introduced himself as Robert C. Christian but immediately admitted that this wasn’t his real name – he was simply a good Christian. He claimed to represent a group of people that wanted to create a monument with important information to guide future generations.


Inspired by other historical findings, such as England’s Stonehenge and the Rosetta stone, Christian was adamant that the monument needed to be a landmark that could stand up to the elements for thousands of years. The monument would be the American Stonehenge, and the messages would be carved into the stone in multiple languages so it would never be lost.

The Elberton Granite Finishing Company

Christian presented this plan to Joe Fendley, the manager of the Granite Finishing Company in Elberton. Christian allegedly told the story with such conviction that the initially skeptical Fendley decided to hear him out. The strange mad had worked out his plan in detail and provided Fendley with a scaled copy of the monument.


When Christian asked for a cost estimate for the project, Fendley quoted an outrageous amount. It would be an expensive project – such large stones had never been mined before, so their transport would be tricky – but Fendley was unsure if he even wanted to take on the project. While part of him hoped that the strange man would leave, he was also intrigued since the monument would be an excellent advertisement for his granite factory.


In the end, Christian didn’t hesitate and accepted the high cost of the project with a handshake. 

The Role of Wyatt C. Martin

The next hurdle would be to find a middleman to make the payments so he could remain anonymous. Fendley told Christian he should visit Wyatt C. Martin, the local bank president. Later that day, Christian approached Martin and shared his plan.

Christian also shared why he wished to use a pseudonym and remain anonymous. He wanted to stay out of the discussion that the monument would inevitably create, saying: “The stones have to speak for themselves. The supporters and opponents must talk to each other and not to the monument’s creators.”

Martin agrees to become Christian’s middleman, swearing never to reveal Christian’s true identity. 

Once the funding was secured, the construction of the monument began. 

Facts About the Georgia Guidestones

a. Location

Because of their immense size and weight, the stones couldn’t be transported far from the Granite Finishing Company in Elberton. At that time, there were only three suitable locations for sale in the area, with Christian ultimately settling on a bare hill off of Highway 77.

Map georgia guidestones

b. Dimensions

Partial dimensions can be found on one of the Guidestone, including the full size of the covering stone and the foundational stone. For all the other stones, only the height is mentioned.

In 1981, the granite factory published a booklet called Let These Be Guidestones to an Age of Reason which includes some additional dimensional data. You can download this booklet here from Scribd.

Georgia Guidstones book

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c. Orientation

The four Guidestones represent the limits of the lunar standstill or the highest point of the lunar solstice. I am not an astronomer, but from my understanding, the moon moves in a pendulum motion over time. Once every 18.6 years, the moon reaches either its highest or lowest point before moving back again. That moment when the moon is at its highest or lowest point is the lunar standstill.

You can see the North Star (2) at night through a hole in the central stone, since it’s always in the same place in the sky. In the same stone, there is also a slot pointing to the solstice and the equinox(1). The solstice is related to the position of the sun on the longest or shortest day, and the equinox indicates the moment when the day and night are the same lengths. This slot thus follows the orbit of the sun during the year.


Georgia Guidestones Orientation

A hole in the capstone (3) indicates the noon hour. Based on the sun’s position, you can determine the date since the stone functions like a sundial, similar to the gnomon in the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris.

Allegedly, the astronomical specifications for the Georgia Guidestones were so complex that an astronomer was hired to make the calculations. Despite these efforts, many astronomers say that the precision of the Georgia Guidestones is nothing compared to monuments like Stonehenge. 

What is the Message of the Georgia Guidestones?

A message consisting of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones: 

Georgia Guidestones 2014-03-18 02

Photo: Dina Eric – Wikimedia Commons

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the Earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

The guidelines are written in eight languages. Starting in the north and moving clockwise in a circle, the commandments are written in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

On the capstone at the top, there is a shorter message written in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian, classical Greek, and Sanskrit: “Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason.”

The explanatory stone outlines the dimensions along with other details about the monument, including information about a time capsule placed under this stone. Because a date for the placement of the capsule is missing, it is assumed that one was never placed.

Finally, it has information about how R.C. Christian is a pseudonym, with the word pseudonym being misspelled as “pseudonyN.”


Conspiracy Theories

Many conspiracy theories are related to the Georgia Guidstones.

Relationship with the Bilderberg Group and the New World Order

While never proven, some believe Christian was a member of the New World Order. According to believers, the Guidestones are allegedly proof that the wealthy members of the New World Order want to exterminate the world’s population.

Other groups associated with the New World Order include the Illuminati and the Bilderberg group. Conspiracy theorists believe people in these groups are connected to practices like satanism, paganism, and child abuse and allegedly include powerful people like Bill Gates, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, and the British Crown.

The World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better

In my article about the Great Reset, I explain how the COVID-19 crisis is being used to completely rebuild a number of our structures. The Great Reset is an initiative of the World Economic Forum (WEF), a group of wealthy conglomerates concerned about social issues.

Both the Great Reset and the Georgia Guidestones allegedly started with positive intentions about the well-being of the Earth and humanity. However, they both also leave some people feeling apprehensive. Are powerful groups as selfless as they seem, or are they just looking out for themselves? Many conspiracists believe the New World Order and the WEF are the same. 

Perhaps these groups have an alien origin; they could be reptilians or “lizard people.” If you want to learn more about this, read “The Lizard People Conspiracy,” which claims that even a Dutch politician believes in this theory.

Relationship with the Rosicrucian

Another theory has to do with the pseudonym R.C. Christian. Allegedly, R.C. is a reference to Rose Cross, and the last name Christian refers to Christian Rosenkreuz. Christian Rozenkreuz, also an alias, is said to have founded a secret society around 1612. His movement, Rosicrucianism, also distributed a mysterious manifesto in the 17th century. 

Message of the Antichrist

Fundamentalist Christians regularly call for the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones. According to them, the ten directives are the ten commandments of the devil. 

To this group, the very meaning of “living in harmony with the infinite” is proof of the interference of the antichrist. In 2008, the monument was severely damaged by a fundamentalist group. Video cameras have since been added for additional security.

Common Sense Renewed

Christian published a booklet in 1980 called Common Sense Renewed, in which he further explained the guidelines on the Guidestones. Only 100 copies were printed. You can download a copy of Common Sense Renewed here.


growth world population

Graph based on estimates by the History Database of the Global Environment. Source:

He explains that humans should not destroy themselves. If we do nothing, we will be eliminated anyway due to a lack of resources after years of exploiting the Earth. He advises investing in birth control since the speed at which the population is increasing is putting a strain on the Earth.

While the guidelines in his booklet are often idealistic and not always practical, the overall message is that people must be guided by common sense. We have the ability to think for a reason, but how we treat the Earth is far from reasonable.

Christian said that an age of reason should take the place of the self-centered and consumptive thinking we currently have. The Guidestones are meant to be both guidance and a warning. If we do destroy the Earth, he wanted future societies to learn from our mistakes, so they aren’t repeated.

Epilogue: Herbert H. Kersten

In the film DARK CLOUDS OVER ELBERTON: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones, the identity of R.C. Christian revealed through correspondence with Wyatt C. Martin.

The client would be H.H. Kersten are from Fort Dodge. Kersten is an old German/Dutch word and can be translated as Christen (Christian). He passed away in 2005.

Herbert Kersten

Georgia Guidestones and Covid 19

2020/2021 are the years of the corona crisis. Many people believe that the virus is man-made by people who intend to wipe out much of the world’s population. As in the 1970s, the earth is plunged into a period of fear.

According to many people, this is the period when the New World Order will take power. The crisis is being used by governments to enact laws that limit our freedom. A mandatory vaccination is looming and who knows what they will inject us with.

The corona crisis has made it painfully clear how we are polluting the earth. We have seen, heard and also smelled what it means if we shut down the industry and make less use of polluting cars and planes. We woke up for a moment. For a moment, we witnessed the restorative power of nature. For a moment, we were able to experience what it means when we heed the latest call from the Georgia Guidestones “Give nature space!”.

Now in 2022, life is picked up again and as human beings, we quickly take back our accomplishments. Soon we will look back on this period as a period of madness. 

How few of us have come to the realization that we will not be exterminated by some mysterious organization, but that we ourselves are responsible for our extermination?

The destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, therefore, is an act of stupidity. Destroying something is never a way to prevent things from happening. 

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