The Lizard People conspiracy: Reptilians Rule the World

Lizard People conspiracy

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And suddenly there is this Dutch politician, Thierry Baudet, claiming in a Geopolitics and Empire podcast that he believes we are ruled by lizard people (source: Geopolitics & Empires). 

A striking statement for a politician, so it is worth asking what the context for this statement is. In order to do this, I first listened to the entire podcast to see if I could understand Baudet’s way of thinking.


Do reptilians rule the world?

Conspiracy theorists contend that a shadowy global force known as the New World Order is in charge of the media, financial systems, and political systems. According to Baudet, this group is descended from reptilian aliens.

In short, this is the story:

  • Real power is exercised by a World Order. Without the presidents and other high-ranking individuals realizing it, this order controls them.
  • Members of that world order are essentially lizard people. Occasionally they change shape. Particularly when they are anxious or angry, they can hardly conceal their true nature. This is especially evident in the eyes of these creatures.
  • In ancient Sumer, these reptiles (Anunnaki) were revered as gods. Humans were created as their enslaved servants.
  • Frequently, humans try to escape this position and must be restrained. If necessary, the reptiles won’t hesitate to wipe out significant portions of the human population.


A secret world order in power

A quarter of Westerners think there is a global plot involving banks, institutions, and politicians to seize control of the world. 8% think reptilian creatures control these institutions.

Conspiracists call this global system the New World Order, which is actually quite confusing.

Politicians have also been using the term “New World Order” for centuries. In recent decades, for example, it has been used for the global recovery after two world wars, a number of financial crises, and terrorist attacks. By collaborating across all sectors, this New World Order would aim to build a world that is sustainable and peaceful.

To accomplish this, a variety of alliances have been formed, including NATO, WHO, IMF, WEF, etc. These professional associations are meant to advise governments, but conspiracy theorists are skeptical of them. After all, these organizations have little to no oversight and are not democratically elected.

Conspiracy thinkers therefore believe that these institutions provide governments with advice that fits well with the handful of people who are really in power.


resist the new world order
Photo: dreamstime

What are the arguments in favor of a secret world power?

1. The wealth of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals differs greatly from that of everyone else.

In 2022, the eight richest people in the world—all men—own as much as the poorest half of the entire world’s population. A year earlier, this was 62 people. This is troubling, to say the least. You can find the list of the earth’s richest on Forbes

You can see from the list below, that their wealth increased significantly in 2021 and 2022. Elon Musk, for instance, saw a rise in his wealth from $24.6 billion in 2020 to $219 billion in 2022.

The eight richest people are:

1Elon MuskTesla, SpaceX19,922,324,6151219
2Jeff BezosAmazon112131113177171
3Bernard ArnaultFashion and  cosmetics (LVMH)727676150158
4Bill GatesMicrosoft9096,598124129
5Warren BuffettInvestor (Berkhire Hathaway)8482,567,596118
6Larry PageGoogle48,850,850,991,5111
7Serey BrinGoogle47,549,849,189107
8Larry EllisonOracle58,562,55993106


The income of the 8 richest people in 2022

Income graph
This graph is copied from my Dutch website (
2. The world’s wealthiest and most influential people regularly gather in secret groups to discuss the future with each other

The Bilderberg Group is an example of such an organization. The first Bilderberg meeting was a conference held in 1954 at the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, at the initiative of prince Bernhard.

Since then, the meeting has been held every year in different places. The world’s most influential people meet to discuss the future, the economy, global security and other important issues.

Many conspiracy theorists think that totalitarian rule is being discussed here and that the WHO, the EU, NATO, and the United Nations are the first steps toward achieving this.


ruled by lizard people

By the way, it is no longer the case that the richest people in the world are part of the Bilderberg group. Only Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos from the top eight richest people have attended a Bilderberg conference, and in 2022, no one from this list attended at all. 

The world’s wealthiest individuals are now members of the WEF (World Economic Forum), the group that created “The Great Reset.” The Great Reset is a plan to reconstruct all crucial systems. These include the economy, healthcare, education, the provision of energy, and the fight against climate change. Follow this link if you would like to learn more about the WEF and the Great Reset. 


3. Chaos and disorder are used by the most powerful to test and improve their systems.

Crisis after crisis is induced in order to implement a new control system.

A couple of examples:

  • The attack on the Twin Towers restricted a lot of freedom.
  • Corona led to a digital passport which gave you access to certain amenities.
  • A climate crisis leads to nitrogen measures, which in turn affect construction, industry, and our food supply.

Most people blindly implement what is devised by those in power. They get vaccinated and allow themselves to be completely controlled digitally by the government. They are slaves of the system and are referred to on the Internet as SHEEPLE. 

All this is housed in a pyramid of power, which speaks for itself. Since I’m not sure if the image of the pyramid is royalty-free, you can view and download an image of it for your own use here.


Arguments against a secret world power

1. Not all people in power have bad intentions

Conspiracy stories are as old as history. There is always counterpower because a lot of wealthy and powerful people take advantage of their status. However, the question is whether this mistrust is justified.

It is conceivable that some of the wealthiest individuals are idealistic and genuinely want to use their influence to stop wars, distribute resources more fairly, and improve the quality of life on earth.


2. In order to address one global conspiracy, a conspiracy theorist often combines unconnected stories.

Conspiracy theorists serve a good purpose. They frequently seek out the truth in stories and expose injustices.

  • It is good that the integrity of the pharmaceutical industry is being addressed.
  • Critically observing governments is a good idea. Things go wrong frequently enough!
  • It is wise to look into how new technological advancements (like the G5 introduction) may affect your health.
  • When energy companies are making excessive profits at a time when many people are unable to afford gas prices, it is important to expose them.
  • We should protect our right to control our own bodies by being cautious about vaccinations.
  • Dealing with major polluters is a good thing.
  • Fighting for our right to free speech is a good thing.
  • Investigating tragedies like 9/11 is important.
  • Etc.


American Airlines Flight 11

What really happened?

The Absence of NORAD

And the start of a conspiracy

However, not every one of these conspiracies can be proven to be a part of a single massive global plot.

Sometimes people want to hide stupid mistakes. In some cases, criminal activity is involved, while in other cases, it might just be a serious misunderstanding. But trying to fit everything into a single, well-organized global conspiracy can make it harder to find the real truth.


3. There is only circumstantial evidence for a secret world order

The idea that behind the presidents of America and other world leaders there is a small group of powerful people is not a proven fact. 

In the past twenty years, a lot has changed. The wealthy and powerful individuals of twenty years ago are most certainly no longer at the top of the list of today’s richest and most powerful individuals as new empires have risen. Even whether that older group still has that much sway over current events is debatable.

Governments may be held accountable for how readily they abide by recommendations from organizations like the WHO, WEF, NATO, etc.
We can now name a number of instances where bad advice was given, and it had far-reaching effects, like the Iraq war (2003-2011) on false claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD). 


Why do some conspiracy theorists believe that the real rulers are lizard people?

The idea of lizard people was popularized in the 1990s by English writer David Icke. Several people told him they had witnessed people in power turning into lizards. Frequently, only the eyes are affected. The pupils could turn into vertical slits when there was extreme anger or fear; fiving the appearance of a reptile’s eyes.

He wrote about this in his 1999 book, The Biggest Secret. The reptiles were tall, blood-drinking, shape-changing creatures from the Alpha Draconis star system. These creatures are the forces behind a global conspiracy against humanity.

Icke claims that most historical and contemporary world leaders are related to these reptilians, including the Merovingian dynasty, the Rothschilds, the Bush family and the British royal family.


David Icke - Lizard People
David Icke - Lizard People

Arguments pro reptilians

1. Witnesses have seen it!

In the 1990s, the British royal family, in particular, came under fire. 
The image below, which was taken while Elizabeth was present at a polo match, allegedly showed that the queen could not contain her lizard eyes. I admit it’s a strange sight, but the queen probably had a subconjunctival hemorrhage.


Icke also knew that Kissinger, Bob Hope, the Clintons and George W. Bush were among the lizard people. Together, they were behind the assassination of JFK, the death of Princess Diana and the 9/11 attack.

These creatures all drink human blood, preferably from children, which enables them to go through life as human beings.


2. Humans can take the form of an animal

David Icke refers in this context to shamans who can take the form of an animal. 

When asked to explain the phenomenon of shapeshifting, David Icke replied, “What doesn’t happen in this reality obviously happens in another reality.


3. The reptilians are mentioned in ancient Babylonian writings

The Anunnaki are mentioned in this context. The Anunnaki were a group of extraterrestrial “settlers” from the system “Draco,” who inhabited the earth during the ancient Sumerian civilization. The name Anunnaki means “those who came from heaven.” They are depicted as humans with bird or reptile heads.

These Anunnaki created humans with the intention of using them as slaves. The Sumerian clay tablets describe how the Anunnaki created humans from clay and then breathed life into them. The tablets also tell us how the Anunnaki were dissatisfied with humans and decided to flood the earth, a story similar to the Old Testament Flood.

Icke contends that these aliens are still in control.


Arguments contra reptilians

I find the idea of shapeshifting lizard people so far-fetched, I can think of almost no serious arguments to contradict it.

Maybe I should tell you about David Icke. The theory that there is a small group of powerful people who actually control the world appeals to many people. In doing so, he regularly points to a small group of powerful Jewish Zionists. I doubt whether this makes him a Jew-hater and a Holocaust denier, but I honestly don’t know. 

From his theories, he has made millions. He feels oppressed by the governments that prevent him from speaking. He won’t be given a visa to Australia anymore and is also denied the right to speak in the Netherlands (or any other European country). 

I’m no fan of Icke, but I believe it’s a bad thing to silence people. As I said before, the world needs critical thinkers.
Anyway, I want to decide for myself if I believe him or not; no one has the right to decide this for me. To deny him the right to speak is the stupidest possible thing to do. 

It is part of a totalitarian regime (such as those in Russia and in China) to restrict freedom of speech. A government should step in only when someone incites others to violence. There are laws about that.

That said, I think his theory about bloodthirsty shapeshifters goes too far. By attaching names to these so-called reptilians, Icke sows hatred. There are troubled souls who use this idea to take the law into their own hands. Icke ought to take responsibility for this.

This is equally true for a politician such as Baudet. The next day, Baudet stated that his belief in reptiles was figurative, but anyone familiar with David Icke’s idea understands this is nonsense; Baudet believes that reptiles are the supreme leaders on earth. 



A Dutch politician with strange opinions...

Baudet had a one-week speaking embargo. Not because of what he said, but because he disobeyed the law. Politicians in the Netherlands are required to disclose their side income. Consequently, one can be confident that a member of parliament is impartial and is not receiving additional funding from a “dubious” source.

Since Baudet has made it clear that he supports Russia, it is not surprising that people want to make sure he is not receiving funding from Russian state coffers. However, Baudet is opposed to this meddling. He simply wants to be taken at his word when he claims that this is not true. He apparently believes he is subject to different rules than the other members of Parliament.


The rest of the podcast

In the interview, Baudet is intelligent, opinionated, and, at times, even funny. Furthermore, he is incredibly arrogant. He knows everything better and calls his opponents (the Dutch politicians) so stupid that it is actually not worth engaging with them. 

His plans to counter globalization with a global network of conspiracy theorists scare the hell out of me. The baseless accusations that have been released into the world through his party “Forum for Democracy” are not very promising.


Vladimir Putin - Lizard People
Vladimir Poetin, Foto: dreamstime

The glorification of Putin I do not understand at all. If one world leader looks like a lizard…. (ok, that is a lame joke).  Baudet mentions ‘the beast’ being unmasked by Putin in the podcast, most likely referring to the cooperating organizations such as NATO and the European Union working together. He hopes and expects Putin to win the war.

Furthermore, Baudet says, Christianity is for “losers”: “It lacks masculinity.” Turning the other cheek to someone, the cross and all that suffering — where are the successes, where is the fight? ” Later, he admits that he is more of a pagan.

These statements must have been difficult to swallow for the more fundamentalist Christians who saw Baudet as an ally in the fight against vaccinations.

Finally, are we ruled by reptiles?

As opposed to that, I believe that our leaders are far too human—and most definitely not always in a good way. 

Politicians frequently make mistakes and bad choices and then try to escape responsibility. And yes, they allow themselves to be duped by those who profit handsomely from giving bad advice.

Regarding this, I applaud those who investigate the moral standing of governments and their advisors. In that sense, conspiracy theories are, as I’ve already stated, kind of healthy.

But I find the ideas of Baudet, who compiles all the half-truths into one monstrous pile of accusations, to be just as repulsive as the lizard people he purports to believe in.

The Full Podcast

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