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Mysteries Explored: Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Some mysteries can change the world. The secret of the Holy Grail is one such example. The search for this object dominates the lives of many people. Eternal youth, health, and abundance, who is not looking for this?
Is the search for the Holy Grail purely symbolic, or is there really a magical object? Why was searching for it not only the quest for Arthurian Knights, but also for the nazis?

Places Related to the Holy Grail:


Henri Gillard, a local priest, pictured the story of the Holy Grail in his church, using the surrounding forest as the location for the story.


Near the town of Tréhorenteuc in Brittany you will find the forest of Paimont. According to local legends, this is the Grail forest, Brocéliante


Glastonbury brings together creativity, spirituality, and mystery. It’s a great place to explore while learning about the Celts, Arthurian legend, and of course the Holy Grail

Rosslyn Chapel

Is the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant brought and hidden here by the Knight Templar? Or is the Grail referring to the bloodline of the builders of this church?


What is the relationship between Chartres Cathedral and the Knights Templar? What did the cathedral’s builders know about the Ark of the Covenant?

Rennes le Château

The Mystery of Rennes-le-Château is a story about a village priest, Bérènger Saunière, and his unexplainable wealth. Did he find a treasure?

The Appiration of our Lady of Fatima

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Holy Places and pilgrimage sites in France

I love France!
Somehow, time stopped in France. There are so many fascinating places to visit. It is an ideal country to explore the history and mysteries of ancient religions. Some areas were important in the time of the Druids, but it is also a country with magnificent gothic cathedrals. There is always something of interest to visit in France!

The Knights Templar

Since the Crusades, the Templars have been surrounded by mystery, legend, and rumors of the supernatural. The chivalric order was founded in the old French city of Troyes at the beginning of the 12th century. It was known throughout the Middle Ages for its military, architectural, and financial skills. 

Conspiracy stories

Is there a secretive group of powerful people who want an authoritarian one-world government to take over the world? Do you think they will use population control to make it easier to keep track of people’s movements? “Mysteries Explored” dived deep into two of these stories, and here our conclusions…


Mysteries Explored went to Wiltshire in England to examine the mystery of the crop circles. 

Other Mysteries Explored...

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